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Not everyone is born with perfectly positioned teeth, and when teeth are misaligned in the mouth, it can cause continuing discomfort when chewing, and it can detract from your personal appearance. There are other health issues which can eventually result from improperly aligned teeth as well, and that makes it important to address these issues at an early opportunity.

As one of the premier orthodontist practices in the Blackfoot area, we are very serious about helping our patients recover their natural great smiles, and maintain good oral health. We offer a full range of orthodontist services for all patients young and old, and we make a point of tailoring the services we provide to your particular circumstances and needs. When you choose us, we guarantee you’ll end up with a great smile on your face!

Our Orthodontal Practice Is Built on the Most Relevant Orthodontist Principles.

Blackfoot Idaho Don't Live with a Less Than Perfect Smile.


Today’s braces are much smaller and less obtrusive than those of the past, so you don’t have to dread being inconvenienced or made to feel uncomfortable for years.

Blackfoot Idaho Poor Orthodontist Hygiene Can Leave You Bankrupt


As an alternative option to regular metal-based braces, you might be able to be fitted with clear braces, which are either colorless or can be shaded to match your existing tooth color. The net result is that your braces are far less noticeable, and you feel much more confident about yourself.

Blackfoot Idaho Don't Leave Your Orthodontist Needs to a Less Experienced Firm.


Ideal for both teens and older patients, Invisalign braces are almost undetectable when worn, and can straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces or wires.

We Can Change the Appearance of Your Smile

Blackfoot Idaho We Can Identify Irregularities In Your Previous Procedures to Improve Your Treatment Plan.

TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular Jaw disorders cause noticeable discomfort in the muscles and bones of the jaw, primarily due to misalignment. We provide several treatment options, including medication, physical therapy, and in more severe cases, oral surgery.

Blackfoot Idaho Effective Orthodontal Services.

Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease can cause you to lose teeth if it isn’t corrected. We can remove plaque buildup for you, and restore your gums to good health, so they can once again provide the necessary support for all your teeth.

Blackfoot Idaho We Have Helped Countless Orthodontist Patients Avoid Major Surgery After our Treatment Plans.

Orthodontics for All Ages

Whatever age group you’re in, you can benefit by having your teeth properly aligned, and having any malocclusions corrected. Overbites and underbites, gaps between teeth, and protruding teeth can all be handled professionally by our experienced orthodontists.

Blackfoot Idaho The Majority of our Patients Have Beautiful Smiles.

Root Canals

Infections occurring in the pulp of your teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, and we can alleviate all that for you with a professionally managed root canal procedure.

Blackfoot Idaho Is Your Orthodontist Health at Risk After Years of Neglect? Call Us, We Can Help!

Tooth Restorations

If you’re missing part of a tooth or an entire tooth, we can fill in that gap for you with a tooth restoration that will blend in so perfectly it can’t be noticed by anyone.

Blackfoot Idaho Have You Had Your Teeth and Gums Checked Out Lately?

Dental Implants

This kind of surgical procedure involves bonding a material to the jaw bone, so as to provide the foundation for a bridge or a crown. Our specialists are experts at these procedures, so once it’s done, it will never be an issue again.

Orthodontist Services for Hardworking Residents.

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We offer easy, flexible payment plans so that you can stop being embarassed by your smile. Come see how fast you look better with no money down!

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Blackfoot, city, seat (1885) of Bingham county, southeastern Idaho, U.S., near theconfluenceof the Snake and Blackfoot rivers. Founded on the Utah Northern Railroad in 1878 at the northern edge of Fort Hall Indian Reservation (1869), the city evolved as the centre of an irrigated agricultural (chiefly potato-growing) area. Development was stimulated by the establishment in 1949 of the National Reactor Testing Station (now Idaho National Engineering Laboratory), 32 miles (51 km) to the northwest. Nearby is the site of the original Fort Hall trading post built in 1834 by Boston merchant Nathaniel Wyeth and operated from 1838 to 1856 by the Hudson's Bay Company. Inc. 1907. Pop. (2000) 10, 419; (2010) 11, 899.

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Short-term Orthodontics - a Gold Mine for General Dentists
For more on this topic, go to and search using the following key words: short term orthodontics, gold mine, general dentist, profitability, Dr. Ryan Swain.
Every dentist wants to find new ways to increase profitability, while at the same time increasing satisfaction and decreasing stress. There is a huge profit center available that meets these criteria and that dentists from the U.S., Canada, and U.K. are discovering in droves. It is called short-term orthodontics, and it's exploding right before our eyes. Short-term orthodontics is similar to conventional orthodontics in that it involves the use of brackets and wires to move teeth. However, it is a revolutionary shift in treatment philosophy that can greatly benefit our patients and practices.
Adult patients with crooked teeth are usually left in "cosmetic limbo" when they refuse conventional orthodontic treatment. The long time period usually associated with conventional orthodontics, combined with the appearance of metal brackets and wires, result in an extremely low case-acceptance rate with which most dentists are all too familiar. Some of these patients can be helped with porcelain veneers, but most are not good candidates. Short-term orthodontics, or STO, is an effective, conservative, and reasonable treatment option for adult patients with misaligned teeth. The basic mindset behind STO is to give adult patients smiles that are esthetic, and to do it in a reasonable amount of time - around six months
The treatment goal is different
The short treatment times associated with STO are the result of a shift in treatment goals typically associated with conventional orthodontics. During the first four to nine months of conventional treatment, most of the cosmetic tooth alignment is achieved. The remainder and bulk of the conventional treatment time is spent correcting the patient's angle classification and creating ideal root angulation/inclination.
STO treatment focuses on addressing patients' chief cosmetic complaints while not attempting to alter angle classification. This philosophy can be compared to cosmetic treatment with porcelain veneers, which also does not change angle classification. However, STO has many benefits for both dentists and patients when compared to the use of veneers. STO allows us to address the primary issue at hand: improper tooth position. If teeth are misaligned, the most appropriate and conservative treatment involves orthodontic tooth movement rather than masking the problem.
What about root resorption and occlusion?
STO treatment seems to make remarkable common sense upon first inspection, but valid questions concerning root resorption and occlusion usually arise. The first question most dentists ask when they learn about STO is, "Is root resorption a problem?"
The answer to this question is definitely "no." Studies show that root resorption is typically associated with heavy forces applied over long periods of time. STO incorporates light forces over short periods of time. The short treatment times associated with STO are a result of striving for different goals than conventional orthodontics and not a function of moving the teeth more rapidly.
Occlusion is another area that should be understood when considering the addition of STO to a dental practice. We were all taught in dental school that the goal of orthodontic treatment is a Class 1 occlusion.
So, the idea of using brackets and wires to move teeth, while not always finishing with an ideal Class 1 occlusion, may at first seem unconventional to some dentists. However, a few important concepts should be considered:
The literature shows overwhelmingly that there is no relationship between angle classification and TMD signs/symptoms
Straightening teeth without altering angle classification can provide a dramatic cosmetic improvement and does not increase risks of dysfunction or pain
An ideal Class 1 occlusion is usually the most cosmetic occlusal relationship. However, there is little evidence that demonstrates that a Class 1 provides any tangible functional benefits. In fact, the literature and our own experiences show us that people with all types of dental relationships can function adequately and without pain.
Because an ideal Class 1 relationship is highly esthetic, it would be favorable if every adult patient with crooked teeth would undergo orthodontic treatment for as long as it takes to reach the ideal; however, most dentists would agree that fewer than 5% of adult patients are willing to undergo conventional orthodontics.
It is my firm belief that these patients should be given a reasonable orthodontic alternative rather than 1) conventional braces, 2) porcelain veneers, or 3) no treatment.
Orthodontic options for patients - and you
Invisalign treatment can be a very good alternative for adults who do not want to wear braces; however, more and more dentists are discovering that some of the costs and limitations of tooth movement associated with aligner therapy can create frustration for them and their patients.

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Video: Are You Experiencing an Ugly Smile Due to Poor Orthodontist Hygiene?



Poor Orthodontist Hygiene Can Ruin a Beautiful Smile. Let Us Help. Our Orthodontal Practice Is Built on the Most Relevant Orthodontist Principles.


Neglecting Your Teeth Can Have Severe Consequences We Can Change the Appearance of Your Smile


We Can Help You Avoid Gingivitis. Orthodontist Services for Hardworking Residents.


What an Orthodontist Team Can Offer You Orthodontist Services: Your Best Option for Your Orthodontist Needs.


We Can Develop an Individualized Treatment Plan for You with our Deep Knowledge of Orthodontist Methods. The Majority of our Patients Have Beautiful Smiles.


Our Orthodontist Team Produces Nothing but Winning Smiles! Orthodontist Services for Hardworking Residents.


Orthodontist Resources Our Orthodontist Services Are Priced for You


Loose or Missing Teeth? We Can Help! Avoid Gum Disease and Thousands of Dollars In Excessive Orthodontist Costs


Don't Ruin Your Smile Without a Fight! Call Us, We Can Help! Nothing Says a Bright Future Like a Big Beautiful Smile. Contact our Orthodontist Team Today!


Do You Need to Straighten or Change the Shape of Your Teeth? Orthodontists Treatment Services Tailored to You.


Crooked Teeth Could Impact Your Overall Appearance Don't Leave Your Orthodontist Needs to a Less Experienced Firm.


Let Us Start Building Your Orthodontist Treatment Plan Today. Are You Experiencing an Ugly Smile Due to Poor Orthodontist Hygiene?


You Can Trust our Orthodontist Treatment Services. Don't Ruin Your Smile Without a Fight! Call Us, We Can Help!


Do You Have Loose or Crooked Teeth? Call Now. Protect Your Smile Hygiene with Regular Follow-Up Visits to the Dentist.


Find Your Perfect Smile with our Team of Orthodontist Experts Ignoring Orthodontist Hygiene Causes Tooth Decay!


Why Improving Your Smile Is a Wise Investment Let Us Save You Time and Money with our Highly Capable Orthodontist Team.


We Can Reduce or Eliminate Tooth Decay and Improve Your Smile. Is Your Orthodontist Health at Risk After Years of Neglect? Call Us, We Can Help!


The Best Orthodontist Services at Accessible Rates A Visit to the Dentist Could Save You Thousands


Are You Suffering From Gum Disease or Lose Teeth? Read This First. Maintain Your Beautiful Smile with Regular Orthodontist Follow-Up Services.


Stained and Crooked Teeth Could Leave a Permanent Mark on Your Image What Are My Options for Getting a Beautiful Smile?


In Danger of Losing Your Teeth? Where Based - Call Us. The Real Value of an Expert Orthodontist Team.


Let Us Give You the Answers You Need to All of Your Orthodontist Questions Maintain Your Image with the Most Competent Orthodontist Team


Are You Experiencing an Ugly Smile Due to Poor Orthodontist Hygiene? Do You Have Loose or Crooked Teeth? Call Now.


Orthodontal Treatment Plans: Factors to Consider Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontist Treatment Plans


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