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Not everyone is born with perfectly positioned teeth, and when teeth are misaligned in the mouth, it can cause continuing discomfort when chewing, and it can detract from your personal appearance. There are other health issues which can eventually result from improperly aligned teeth as well, and that makes it important to address these issues at an early opportunity.

As one of the premier orthodontist practices in the Abington area, we are very serious about helping our patients recover their natural great smiles, and maintain good oral health. We offer a full range of orthodontist services for all patients young and old, and we make a point of tailoring the services we provide to your particular circumstances and needs. When you choose us, we guarantee you’ll end up with a great smile on your face!

You Need the Best Orthodontist In Your Area.

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Today’s braces are much smaller and less obtrusive than those of the past, so you don’t have to dread being inconvenienced or made to feel uncomfortable for years.

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As an alternative option to regular metal-based braces, you might be able to be fitted with clear braces, which are either colorless or can be shaded to match your existing tooth color. The net result is that your braces are far less noticeable, and you feel much more confident about yourself.

Abington Pennsylvania We Have a Deep Knowledge of Orthodontal Treatments.


Ideal for both teens and older patients, Invisalign braces are almost undetectable when worn, and can straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces or wires.

Protect Your Smile Hygiene with Regular Follow-Up Visits to the Dentist.

Abington Pennsylvania What Are My Options for Getting a Beautiful Smile?

TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular Jaw disorders cause noticeable discomfort in the muscles and bones of the jaw, primarily due to misalignment. We provide several treatment options, including medication, physical therapy, and in more severe cases, oral surgery.

Abington Pennsylvania You Can Trust our Orthodontist Treatment Services.

Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease can cause you to lose teeth if it isn’t corrected. We can remove plaque buildup for you, and restore your gums to good health, so they can once again provide the necessary support for all your teeth.

Abington Pennsylvania We Can Ensure Positive Results with Expert Orthodontist Team

Orthodontics for All Ages

Whatever age group you’re in, you can benefit by having your teeth properly aligned, and having any malocclusions corrected. Overbites and underbites, gaps between teeth, and protruding teeth can all be handled professionally by our experienced orthodontists.

Abington Pennsylvania The Majority of our Patients Have Beautiful Smiles.

Root Canals

Infections occurring in the pulp of your teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, and we can alleviate all that for you with a professionally managed root canal procedure.

Abington Pennsylvania Don't Let a Small Orthodontist Problem Turn Into a Major One!

Tooth Restorations

If you’re missing part of a tooth or an entire tooth, we can fill in that gap for you with a tooth restoration that will blend in so perfectly it can’t be noticed by anyone.

Abington Pennsylvania We Can Handle Your Orthodontist Needs From Start to Finish

Dental Implants

This kind of surgical procedure involves bonding a material to the jaw bone, so as to provide the foundation for a bridge or a crown. Our specialists are experts at these procedures, so once it’s done, it will never be an issue again.

We Offer Multiple Payment Plans for our Orthodontist Services.

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We offer easy, flexible payment plans so that you can stop being embarassed by your smile. Come see how fast you look better with no money down!

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Abington , urban township, Montgomery county, southeastern Pennsylvania, U.S. Abington is a northern suburb of Philadelphia, encompassing the communities of Ardsley, Glenside, McKinley, Noble, North Glenside, and Roslyn. The area was inhabited by Delaware Indians when European settlers began arriving in the late 16th century. Abington was organized in the early 1700s, probably named for a parish in England. Abington became a station on the North Pennsylvania Railroad in 1855. During the American Revolution, a skirmish between American and British troops took place on December 7, 1777, at nearby Edge Hill. The township's manufactures include pressed steel, chemicals, and metal and plastic products. Penn State Abington (formerly Ogontz School for Girls), a campus of Pennsylvania State University, opened in the township in 1950. Inc. 1906. Pop. (2000) 56, 103; (2010) 55, 310.

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Orthodontic movement for the general dentist
For many of us, our orthodontic training consists of a few dental school wire-bending classes, the fabrication of a space maintainer, and a few articles that we have read about clear aligners or rapid movement-type braces. The proposition of learning and proceeding with tooth movement in the general dentistry office generally holds as much strength as a New Year resolution. We are definitely going to try it ... soon ... when we have time ... maybe later ... what was I thinking?
Orthodontic movement does not need to be so daunting. There are amazing advances in tooth movement, from simple to more complex, that can change the way you practice dentistry.
Think about all the times you have had a patient come in for a cosmetic consultation - a patient who needs movement but doesn't want braces? The bonding or veneer work may not even be possible to achieve what the patient is looking for due to extreme malposition. We have been trained to do no harm, and that can make what the patient wants to achieve, without the aid of repositioning, difficult if not impossible.
The Hawley appliance
When cosmetics warrant movement of incisors only, minor movement can be done quickly and easily with a Hawley appliance. The fabrication of the appliance can be done by your local orthodontic lab. The appliance can help move a labial or lingually shifted tooth into proper position, or turn rotated teeth back into place.
All you need to start, after radiographs and photos, is a double set of alginates with bite registration - one set for the lab and one set to keep as a records start model. The design of the appliance can also be done by your lab. If you can properly communicate the desired teeth and movements required, a good lab can create an appliance suited to those movements. Talk to your lab about which areas to tighten, screw down, or activate, and the lab can explain how to effectively get the movement you desire.
Major tooth movement
Short-term braces
This procedure is an excellent therapy to utilize when the patient requires rapid tooth movement for cosmetics and does not wish to change molar occlusion. The treatment allows patients to have the effectiveness of braces without feeling like they have braces.

Four- to eight-month rapid cosmetic orthodontic treatment combines the best of traditional orthodontics with modern esthetically appealing treatments. As the names suggest, Six Month Smiles can transform your teeth in an average of about six months. The treatments use traditional wires and brackets that are tooth-colored for a less noticeable look. The patient is seen once per month for adjustments, photos, and wire changes.
The training required is a two-day training seminar. Training includes hardware placement, case selection, debanding and retention, proper photography and documentation, and use of 24-hour customer support. There are also advanced training classes available. You are guided through the process with the ability to ask for advice on your case, and tips and tricks from highly trained staff and practitioners.

Clear aligner therapy
A cosmetic alternative to traditional braces, the aligners are removable and can provide major movement of the full arch, including molars. Aligner orthodontic treatment realigns the teeth through a series of clear, custom-made retainers. Each retainer, or aligner, is created using impressions taken of your teeth for a perfect fit. Aligners can be removed while eating and brushing for added comfort and ease of practicing proper oral hygiene. The duration of treatment depends on individual needs, but in general, may take between 12 and 48 months.

Aligner therapy, specifically Invisalign, requires a one-day training course for the dentist and additional staff training. You will learn proper impression technique, case selection, retention, use of software, aspects of in-office aligner therapy procedures, and how to access customer support.
This is a procedure that can be learned in one day! There are additional advanced training technique courses, but you can start treating patients immediately. There is excellent support to help you along with case planning and treatment to guide you into your new orthodontic transition. There are also newer treatments for teens and rapid movement aligner therapy.
The benefits of teeth straightening treatments
Teeth straightening treatments can transform how you perform dentistry. Once you are able to align teeth in a minor or even major fashion, the possibilities of great cosmetic dentistry are endless. Not only will you be able to better provide your patients with the best care possible, you can help your patients to improve:
Confidence - Many patients feel an increased confidence after teeth straightening treatment.
Esthetics - Teeth straightening treatments lead to improved dental esthetics.
Dental function - Misaligned teeth can make eating difficult and even painful. Teeth straightening treatments can improve dental function by improving dental alignment.
Dental hygiene - Crooked teeth can make properly cleaning teeth difficult. Teeth straightening treatments corrects overlapping teeth, allowing for easier cleaning.

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Poor Orthodontist Hygiene Can Ruin a Beautiful Smile. Let Us Help. You Need the Best Orthodontist In Your Area.


Think You Have Gum Disease? Give Us a Call Today. Protect Your Smile Hygiene with Regular Follow-Up Visits to the Dentist.


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Our Professional Team of Orthodontists Can Completely Change the Shape of Your Teeth and the Appearance of Your Smile. Don't Leave Your Orthodontist Needs to a Less Experienced Firm.


Let Us Work with You to Build a Treatment Plan for Your Teeth and Gums. Our Orthodontist Team Produces Nothing but Winning Smiles!


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We Are the Local Leader In Orthodontist Services for Residents. Don't Let a Bad Smile Ruin Your Career!


Let Us Represent You As the Best Orthodontists. Avoid Loss of Teeth, Gum Disease, and Cavities


Crooked Teeth Could Impact Your Overall Appearance Protect Your Smile Hygiene with Regular Follow-Up Visits to the Dentist.


Let Us Lead You to a 'Healthy Smile' with One of our Orthodontist or General Orthodontist Treatment Plans. Capable and Confident: Orthodontist Experts


Our Dentists Are Some of the Best In the Industry. Let Us Help with Your Orthodontist Needs. Is Your Orthodontist Diagnosis Incorrect? Let Us Find Out!


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Do You Need to Reshape the Appearance of Your Teeth After a Bad Experience? We Have a Deep Knowledge of Orthodontal Treatments.


Ignoring Orthodontist Hygiene Causes Tooth Decay! Our Orthodontal Practice Is Built on the Most Relevant Orthodontist Principles.


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What You Must Know About a Orthodontist Treatment Plan We Can Identify Irregularities In Your Previous Procedures to Improve Your Treatment Plan.


Stained and Crooked Teeth Could Leave a Permanent Mark on Your Image Your Smile Could Impact Your Earning Potential. Let Us Help.


You Need the Best Orthodontist In Your Area. Orthodontist Resources


Let Us Give You the Answers You Need to All of Your Orthodontist Questions A Great Orthodontist Specialist Near You


Our Orthodontal Practice Is Built on the Most Relevant Orthodontist Principles. Learn More About Your Orthodontist Options Here.


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The Most Successful Orthodontist Services Team. Our Knowledge of Orthodontist Principles Makes Us the Best Option Locally.


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